Poverty Eradication – providing employment to the unrest people, needy – widows, orphans and unprivileged without any discrimination. Poverty is the root cause for all evils. Hence, we implement empowerment plan with much sincerity and commitment and dedication. Failing which there will be turmoil and turbulence in the society. This is learnt from the past history.

Economic Empowerment

To enrich every grown up citizen in perfect direction to achieve his or her goals in the life, after they are educated well. Because,there is every chance for them of being attracted to terrorism and extremism. There should not be any unrest in their lives. Every citizen should be useful to the society and she or he should be productive, self driven, motivative, inspirer and thankful in returning what she or he gets, from the others or society.

In implementing the empowerment programmes, we give Computer training , tailoring, fashion designing, pickle units, self help groups, unity camps.

Sense of gratitude

motivating people in enhancing the sense of gratitude. GOD gives and forgives. People get and forget the things they receive. We make people to cultivate the habit of being grateful and to pay the debt of gratitude to the society.
Hence, people can set example and become model to the others in the sense of gratitude.